Dedicated to:


This story is dedicated to the dreamers.

This is for the believers.


This is for the difference makers who dare to cause a raucous and challenge the status quo.

This is for the outliers who risk imagining, exploring, and creating.


This is for the bold, the inventors, the achievers; those who pick themselves.

This is for the unconventional, the non-conformists; those courageous enough to stand on the other side of the majority.


This is for the remarkable.


This is for you, the engine, the power, the force that carries the world forward.

This is for you who are unapologetically – You.

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Six months ago, the young Dr. Joseph risked his practice, patients, and his safe and secure future on an idea – a theory universally denounced by his peers.  Joseph’s decision takes him on a journey through peaks and valleys, a trek that reveals mysteries along the way – secrets that light his path.

A tantalizing tale of a young doctor and his battle of where to turn and who to trust, Yourdrum depicts an epic journey of self-discovery, an inspiring quest for answers to life’s hardest questions.  It’s a testing voyage that calls to all, yet is resisted by most.